Virupaux Instruments, is in the manufacturing business of professional Test & Measuring Instruments in India & was established in1996. The company is selling its products in India as well as it is being exported to other countries.
With the constant Research & Development in the Test & measuring category, we are maintaining the quality standards & adhere to strict quality requirements.
We are also in technical collaboration with  some foreign companies, the Instruments which are not being manufactured by us, but to fulfill the requirement of our customers with their specific requirements.
4 For factory automation
4 For office automation
4 Easy to read with color or monochrome(NST) LCD display
4 Dual channel,Bandwith 25~200MHZ
4 4K channel memory depth
4 Frequency:0.2 ~ 20MHz/ 0.2 ~ 2MHz
4 Output wave from : Sine, Square, Triangle etc
4 Output amplitude: 20 Vp-p
4 VC2812
4 VC2811C
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